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Sep 26, 2012 5:30pm EDT
a private attorney has been county executiie john leopold. and it's at the expense of tax. taxpayers. as crime and explains the bill is already - more than 20-thousand dollars. 450 dollars an hour that's the amount being charged to defend john leooold in a discrimination lawsuit. in a just over two weeks, leopold's legal bill is more than 20 thousand dollars. 3 3 33 3 ,, 3 while taae law does require the county to provide for leopold's defense...if found off the hook and it would be the responsibity of leopold to pay up. joy lepola fox 45 news att5:30. the owner of the recher theater says he's not to blame for the fights that broke out last weekend in towson. but now he's worried about his business being punished - as a . unruly crowd gathered outside on york road saturday iiht after being turned away from a private event aa the theater. iiside, a charity fundrriser waa being hostee by a fraternity. police ended up being caaled to clear the crrwd. several people were arrested.the county execctive is now questtoning the tteater's liquor license - and
Sep 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
to announce a 7 point 4 million dollar grant between johns hopkinn university nd the city school syssem.the five yyar rant will help math and science teaahers team up with faculty from the joons hopkins school of engineering to find ways o better engage ssudents in learning about sciencc.. 3:11"hoo proud you must be, to school...i didn't see a kid in phe classroom ttat looked like they didn't want to be in school....they weee excitee abouttschool"...they were excited about science" &pscience" the mayor says the program will engage ver 16000hundred ptudents hhw are the roaas looking tonig? report. e report..- pbelairwwlkensmaps395map - 3 one teenaaer ii the target f a cruul the last laugh. i'm candace doll in os annelesson thh see oo new girr. check it out this is the apartment hat you seeeevery season. season 2 t all ssarts tonight on fox45, but we're going to take you ehind he scenes coming up. --adblib weaaher tz-- a... bullied gets... the... last lauuh....//.. after... students... nominated her... for... homecoming ourr ..
Sep 27, 2012 5:30pm EDT
90--% offthe beach boys material...// o... this is akin o ingoofiriig john and paul... the oriiles... p are... enjjying &pa rarr... day their final... regular season &phome series. ppent the day with students decked out in orange.paul geesler tells us how the kids &pgot the orioles to visit. i went to lastnight's o's game... and i went to saint philip nnri catholic school today...let me tell ou saint philip neri oday. jason hammel, tommy hnter, .- - and answered questions withhs theekids today.they won the and black at everr turn.they .' beat out 30 other schools in the rrolls challenge. jacob dunhhm: 37.26 "i'm glad it's just so cool. my throat toomy huuter: 32.02 "they were yelling. thhy were on theer ffet. it waa eneegetic. it's something whhn we step out on one of the students asked the players who they'' want to face in the world series.jason said the washington philip neri, ranging from pre-k to 8tt grade.all of them lefttttday with an orioles baakkack, a tee- shirt, and promise of going to a game 3 next season.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30
Sep 28, 2012 5:30pm EDT
suggest or pay for a player to team?" "absolutely not. i thiik ttey are trumped-up pharges. i think john zanelli and submitted i believe to ead - like that evee happened on my team." 3 late thursdayy the national pop warner organization suspended the head coach and new information nd players cominggforward. 3 a few showers could move in meeeorologisttemily gracey to up. pe're saying thankk up. we're saying thank you toothee ffns that make ur facebook today's facebook faanof the day is jason could be a fox45 fan of the day. foxbaltimooe and click the "like" button.ww have a new fan of the day every weekday on foo45 nnws at five. 33 hey everyooe, welcome to sports unlimited.i'm moogan adsit live at ccmden yards.. ii's extremly simple for the orioles.6 games left... 2 series... 1 here with bbston.1 on he road at tampa bay..the themselves. playoff hunt picturr...the orioles don't need any teams to tank nd hooe nned aay teams toothe orioles don't picture...playoff hunt t's a perfect it's a perfect layoff hunt picture...theeorioles don't hope they sneak in...nope... they sneak
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm EDT
clifton high schooo complex.the victim s liited in stable condition aa johns hopkins hospital. and pollce ssa they are questioning a person of iiterest in the incident. customs agents reportedly seized more than a pound of cocaine from traveler at dulles nternational airport. the man arriied at the airport saturday afternoon oo a flight from gatemala.officers saad two white jars with false side - linings.the alleged courier has been sent back to guatemmla and is banned from returning to tte u-s for at least five years.thhs is the kind this month. an owings mills man is being hhld at the baltimore ounty detentton center....accused f sexually abusing two teenage spring.anttony cottle is facing charges incluuing sexual abuse offa minor andd second degree assault.police said ooe of the 23-year-ood's abuse.according to the teen, it happened this pass may while cottle was staying with his fammly.cottle aaso once wwrkee for the baltiiore county fire epartment.poliie believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to call the 3 in a rare interview d-c sniper lle bo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5